Theophany - 01/06/2014

Photos from the Feast of Theophany and the Blessing of the Waters.

(8 images)

Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner

Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner - 01/09/2014

(21 images)

Chili Cookoff

Chili Cookoff - 01/12/2014

In an effort to stay warm during the long and cold winter months, St Michaels held its first annual Chili Cookoff today. 20 chilis were entered into the Traditional, Veggie, and HOT categories. Parishioners enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship and taste testing, before casting their votes for their favorite chili.

(27 images)

R Club National Bowling Tournament Banquet

R Club National Bowling Tournament Banquet - 02/01/2014

Photos from the R Club National Bowling Tournament Banquet held at St Michael's Woodside Party Center.

(16 images)

Meeting of the Lord / Blessing of Candles

Meeting of the Lord & the Blessing of Candles - 02/02/2014

(3 images)

New Catechumens Received

New Catechumens Received - 02/02/2014

With great joy, Fr John receives the Kirsh family as Catechumens on the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord in the Temple.

(5 images)

Jr R Club Reverse Raffle

Jr R Club Reverse Raffle - 02/06/2014

Pictures from this year's Jr. R Club Reverse Raffle.

(30 images)

Fr. John Hosts Church Tour

Fr. John Hosts Church Tour - 02/08/2014

This afternoon, Fr John hosted a tour of our beautiful temple. Pastor Brad and Kristen Jagger and youth from the Church in Silver Lake. The tour was part of the youth group's confirmation class. After a tour with questions and answers, the group stayed for the Vespers service.

(4 images)

Pierogi Making

Pierogi Making - 02/12/2014

(12 images)

Annual Parish Meeting

Annual Parish Meeting - 02/16/2014

Photos for the Annual Parish Meeting.

(5 images)


Proskomedia - 02/23/2014

Fr. John teaches a Sunday School class about the service of Proskomedia.

(4 images)

Spaghetti Luncheon

Spaghetti Luncheon - 02/23/2014

The Cleveland “R” club sponsored its second annual Gifts of Love Spaghetti  Luncheon on Sunday, February 23 following liturgy. For a free will offering parishioners enjoyed a delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs, with the proceeds from this meal  going to provide gift packs for Orthodox Christians serving in the Armed Forces. Each of these packs will include a prayer book, a cross, an icon and some booklets.

(4 images)

FOCA Disctrict Basketball Tournament

FOCA Disctrict Basketball Tournament - 03/01/2014

Photos from the FOCA Disctrict Basketball Tournament held at St. Michaels Gym.

(66 images)

Clergy Retreat

St. Michael's Hosts Cleveland Area Clergy Retreat - 03/10/2014

On Monday, 10 March, our parish hosted a Clergy Retreat for Cleveland-area clergy. The guest speaker for the retreat was Rev. Dr. Bogdan Bucur. Fr. Bogdan gave reflections on the texts of our Holy Week services.
The Rev. Dr. Bogdan Bucur teaches in the Department of Theology at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh. He works on New Testament and early Christianity with special interest in the link between Scriptural exegesis and doctrinal developments and also on the relationship between doctrine and spirituality in the early Church and the Byzantine tradition. A native of Romania, he is currently pastor of St Anthony Antiochian Orthodox Church in Butler, PA.

(8 images)

Cleveland Deanery Lenten Akathist Service

Cleveland Deanery Lenten Akathist Service - 03/23/2014

Today, the Sunday of the Cross, St Michael's hosted the Cleveland Deanery Lenten Akathist Service. Faithful gathered from all over the Cleveand Denery to pray the Akathist to the Precious Cross. After the service, a Lenten meal was served at Woodside Party Center.

(22 images)

Sunday School Work Project

Sunday School Work Project - 04/06/2014

Today, our Sunday School students stayed after the Divine Liturgy and coffee hour to make wraps and macaroni salad to be taken down to St Herman's House of Hospitality for dinner. After over 100 wraps were made, a small team headed down to serve dinner at St Herman's.

(15 images)

Youth Church Cleaning

Youth Church Cleaning - 04/12/2014

After Liturgy on Lazarus Saturday many of the parish youth gathered at church for an afternoon of cleaning in preparation for Pascha.

(22 images)

First Confession Class

First Confession Class - 04/13/2014

Today after weeks of preparation 4 of our parish youth made their first confession. Congratulations to them and their families on this special occasion!

(24 images)

Reading of the Passion Gospels

Reading of the Passion Gospels - 04/17/2014

Photos from the reading of the 12 Passion Gospels. Afterwards parishioners helped set up the tomb in preparation for Holy Friday.

(17 images)

Holy Friday

Holy Friday - 04/18/2014

Holy Friday 2014

(47 images)

Great and Holy Pascha 2014

Great and Holy Pascha 2014 - 04/20/2014

(52 images)

FOCA National Basketball Tournament

FOCA National Basketball Tournament - 04/25/2014

Reception Dinner at the Shanty

(5 images)

FOCA National Basketball Tournament

FOCA National Basketball Tournament - 04/26/2014

Basketball Tournament Held at Independence Field House.

(112 images)

FOCA National Basketball Tounament

FOCA National Basketball Tounament - 04/26/2014

Banquet and Dance hosted at St Michael's Woodside Party Center.

(47 images)

FOCA National Basketball Tournament

FOCA National Basketball Tournament - 04/27/2014

Photos from the Championship Games.

(107 images)

Radonitsa at St. John's Skete

Radonitsa at St. John's Skete - 04/29/2014

With all of our Paschal celebrations focusing mainly upon the Resurrection of Christ, this day – the Tuesday after Bright Week – marks the first day that we, in this same Paschal joy, remember all of our departed loved ones who have gone before us in the hope of eternal life. We call this day the "Day of Rejoicing" (Radonitsa is Russian) because we are reminded of Christ's triumphal descent into Hades; an instance in which Jesus used His Cross as a "key" to unlock the Gates of Hell, proclaiming victory over death and freeing us from the bondage of sin which held us captive. Traditionally this is not only just a day to remember/pray for our departed loved ones, but to also visit their graves in Paschal joy! Our Fr John made a pilgrimage to the Skete of St John the Theologian to celebrate the day with a panikhida in the chapel of St. Lazarus.

(18 images)

I.O.C.C. Fundraiser at Woodside Party Center

I.O.C.C. Fundraiser at Woodside Party Center - 05/05/2014

International Orthodox Christian Charities held a fundraiser here at Woodside Party Center on Monday, May 5th. The IOCC works tirelessly assisting those in all types of need all over the globe.

(9 images)

Mother's Day

St. Michael's Annual Mother's Day Banquet - 05/11/2014

Photos from the Annual Mother's Day Banquet held at our Woodside Party Center.

(15 images)

Subdeacons Class

Subdeacons Class - 05/17/2014

Fr John held a Subdeacons Class today for any altar server 15 years and up who was interested to attent. The class focused on the history and function of the Subdeacon and also covered basic serving guidelines.

(3 images)

End-of-Year Sunday School Picnic

End-of-Year Sunday School Picnic - 05/18/2014

This past Sunday was the last day of Sunday School classes for the year. After the Divine Liturgy, we held an End-of-Year Sunday School Picnic at the shanty. Almost 40 students and their families came down to enjoy a hot dog lunch and fellowship.

(4 images)

55+ Club Luncheon

55+ Club Luncheon - 05/27/2014

The 55+ Club held their Annual Luncheon at Woodside Party Center.

(6 images)

Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner

Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner - 05/29/2014

Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner, where volunteers enjoyed a delicious BBQ Rib dinner.

(15 images)

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