Video System Project: Major Fundraiser
Video System Project: Major Fundraiser

“Their voice goes out into all the earth, Their words to the ends of the universe.”

(Psalm 19:4)


The COVID-19 Pandemic has not only affected our world and its economy, but also our religious institutions. And as bishops prudently closed or limited the number of parishioners who could attend, many parishes struck upon the happy medium of “live-streaming” their services over social media.


In our parish, and with great thanks to Phil Tesar, Nick Rolin, and others who helped us in this process, we are successfully streaming our services using an array of cameras situated throughout the temple.


The feedback for these efforts has been phenomenal, with a majority asking that we continue this broadcasting “ministry” even after the pandemic subsides.  In addition, we’ve had a new parishioner join our church after watching us online for a few services!


At present, we are using a makeshift set up with multiple iPhones and iPads mounted on stands in precarious fashion with cords running every which way; not a viable solution for when church attendance goes back to normal!


Per the voice of the parish, and after much research and multiple bids, the Board of Trustees is in favor of installing a permanent, professional-grade, state-of-the-art, high-definition camera and sound system that would allow us to continue streaming our services on a continual basis. This would not only allow for those who are sick or unable to attend an ability to watch, but allows those in nursing homes, hospitals, those traveling, and out of state parishioners to worship with us, albeit “virtually.”


Therefore, the Board of Trustees has passed a motion and agreed to move forward with this project at a cost of $35,000. Included in this motion was the stipulation that 95% of said cost must be raised through donations or fundraisers prior to its installation. Thus, we call upon each of you, as parishioners, to help support this valuable ministerial tool which will not only help us to stream services, talks, educational series, etc., but to help spread the Light and Word of God to those who need it most.


We ask that you please pray and contemplate the value of this ministry and help support it by your generous contributions. Whether 35 families were to give $1,000 or 350 individuals commit to $100, we could implement this project almost immediately. Please help us fulfill our goal and help spread the word of God to those who are unable to attend St. Michael’s in person.


With love in Christ,

Fr. John Memorich & Ryun Louie



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