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2021 Midwest Diocesan Assembly

2021 Midwest Diocesan Asembly - 10/11/2021

Archangel Michael parish hosted this year's Diocesan Assembly with dellegates gathering from nine states amidst COVID protocols to meet with Archbishop Paul, conduct diocesan business, and serve togehter in love.

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2020 Chili Cook Off

2020 Chili Cook Off - 01/19/2020

Our Annual Chili Cook Off was held on January 19 and was hosted by the "R" Club. Sharon Glagola was the chairperson and we had twelve entries this year. Mat. Jani Memorich won for best Traditional Chili. Carlos and Viviam Plaze won for best Non-Traditional. And Christine Arkutik won for best Holt & Spicey Chili. Besides chili, hotdogs were served along with a wide variety of homemade desserts. Thanks to all who worked and/or participated. It was another great event in the life of our parish!

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January Bingo Appreciation Dinner

January Bingo Appreciation Dinner - 01/16/2020

St. Michael's honored all of its Bingo Volunteers with a Thank You dinner. The evening began with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, followed by a delicious meal of carved prime rib, chicken lemonaise, pork tenderloin & saur kraute, roasted potatoes, and vegitables. For dessert we were treated to flaming Bananas Foster! Following the meal, parish president Ryun Louie thanked all of the Bingo volunteers for their time and dedication, but especially thanked Tim Kormos for all of his efforts in running Bingo. He was presented with a number of cards and gifts - and Fr. John presented Tim with a hand-painted icon of the Holy Apostle Timothy. Both surprised and touched byour gesture, we then sang Many Years for Tim and his wife Fran. It was a great evening with wonderful fellowship!

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2019 St Michaels Day Banquet

2019 St Michaels Day Banquet - 11/10/2019

After liturgy on Sunday November 10th we gathered at our Woodside Event Center for our Annual St. Michael's Day Banquet. We enjoyed a lovely meal and then the "Sekerak Sisters" dazzeled us with a wonderful skit. We then honored our Dan and Sandy Mehalik for their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

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2019 Midwest Diocesan Assembly

2019 Midwest Diocesan Assembly - 10/08/2019

Archangel Michael Orthodox Church in Boradview Heights, OH again played host for this year's Annual Assembly for the Diocese of the Midwest. A Hierarchical Liturgy was celebrated in the morning by His Grace, Bishop Paul, who honored Archpriest Basil Stoyka upon his 53rd anniversary of the Holy Priesthood. This was followed by bereakfast, meetings, and lunch at our resplendant Woodside Event Center. Clergy and lay delegates from across the Midwest attended these meetings.

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Archangel Michael Parish Festival - 09/29/2019

On Sunday, September 29, our parish gathered for a Parish Festival.  The festival was simply to bring our parish together for a fun afternoon!

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Camp Clambake Fundraiser - 09/28/2019

On Saturday, September 28, over 100 friends of St. Vladimir's Camp & Retreat Center gathered for a Clambake Fundraiser.  The Ohio District sponsored this event, and all proceeds will go to St. Vladimir's Camp.

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Prislopsky Lecture

10th Annual Fr. Vladimir Prislopsky Lecture - 09/26/2019

On Thursday, September 26th, we hosted the 10th Annual Fr. Vladimir Prislopsky Lecture.  This year, Archpriest Alexander Garklavs from Holy Trinity was our lecturer - with the topic of "Orthodox Worship as Affirmation, Inspiration & Salvation."

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2019 55+ Club Picnic - 08/20/2019

The 55+ Club gathered for their annual Summer Picnic in the Shanty!

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2019 Pet Blessing Service

Pet Blessing Service - 08/16/2019

On Friday, August 16, we held our annual Pet Blessing service - in which nearly 20 parishioners attended with their various pets.

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2019 Pilgrimage to Holy Assumption in Marblehead, OH

Holy Assumption - Marblehead, OH - 08/15/2019

On Thursday, August 15, nearly 25 parishioners traveled to Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Marblehead, OH to celebrate the feast of the Doromition of the Most Holy Theotokos.

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2019 Pilgrimage to Holy Transfiguration Monastery

Holy Transfiguration Monastery Pilgrimage - 08/06/2019

On Tuesday, August 6, several parishioners traveled to Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Ellwood, City, PA to celebrate the Transfiguration of Our Lord.

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2019 Father's Day Picnic

2019 Father's Day Picnic - 06/16/2019

On Sunday, June 16, the faithful of our parish gathered in the Shanty for our Annual Father's Day Picnic.  We honored all of our Fathers, Grandfathers and Godfathers, as well as all of our High School and College Graduates (who all received a free kolbasi sandwich!).

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2019 Great and Holy Pascha

Great and Holy Pascha - 04/28/2019

Services and Procession of Great and Holy Pascha

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2019 Great and Holy Friday

2019 Great and Holy Friday - 04/26/2019

Afternoon and evening services on Great and Holy Friday

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Perogie Making 2019

2019 Perogie Making - 03/20/2019

On Tuesday & Wednesday, March 19 and 20, over 40 parishioners gathered to make perogies.  We will be selling them throughout the Lenten season.

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2019 Orthodoxy Sunday Vespers

2019 Orthodoxy Sunday Vespers and Meal - 03/17/2019

Archangel Michael Parish hosted this year's Vespers for the Sunday of Orthodoxy. His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicolea of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolia of the Americas, was the main celebrant. Over 15 clergy concelebrated with over 250 in attendance. Archimandrite Jospeth, Abbot of St. Gregory Palamas Monastery in Perrysville, Ohio, gave the homily. Afterwards, everyone was invited for a lenten repass at Woodside Event Center.

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2019 LIVE MAS-LENITSA Moving in Sterio - Cars tribute band

2019 Maslenitsa Cars Tribute Concert - 03/08/2019

Moving in Sterio, a Cars tribute band, rocked the house as we enjoyed music, dancing, and Fish & Chips over this Maslenitsa weekend

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2019 Halos Movie Nite

2019 Halos MovieNite - 03/01/2019

The Halos, formally known as the Preteen Club, doned their best bedware and blankets to watch a movie or two, feasting on pizza and popcorn

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2019 IOCC Wine Tasting

2019 IOCC Wine Tasting - 02/28/2019

Archangel Michael Parish played host as the IOCC held their annual Wine Tasting dinner at Woodside Event Center on Thursday, February 28th


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2019 Jan Bingo Workers Dinner

2019 Jan Bingo Workers Dinner - 01/10/2019

On January 10 we honored our Bingo volunteers with an appreciation meal

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2019 Theophany Great Blessing of Water

2019 Theophany Great Blessing of Water - 01/06/2019

The Sunday, January 6, the Feast of Theophany, we performed the Great Blessing of Water

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2918 December Prosphora Baking

2918 December Prosphora Baking - 12/28/2018

With kids out of school, it was a perffect time to teach them to make prosphora alongside their elders. Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious, homemade pizza lucnh!

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2018 55 Plus xmas party

2018 55 Plus xmas party - 12/27/2018

Our 55 Plus Club gathered at Woodside Event Center for their annual Christmas Party. Besides a wonderful meal and spirits, there was a gift exchange and Christmas-themed games

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2019 Christmas Social

2018 Christmas Social - 12/25/2018

Food, Fun, and Fellowship following the Festal Liturgy of our Lord's Nativity

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2018 Yolka

2018 Yolka - 12/16/2018

Our Sunday School Yolka was held on Sunday after liturgy and following a nice brunch. The kids put on various Christmas-themed skits which concluded with a visit from Santa Claus and the passing out of gifts!

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2018 Samaritans Christmas Cookie Drive

2018 Samaritans Christmas Cookie Drive - 12/12/2018

Parishioners baked cookies and the Samaritans packaged them up for delivery to the elderly and shut-ins of theparish

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2018 St Michaels Day Banquet

2018 St Michaels Day Banquet - 11/11/2018

His Grace Bishop Paul was with us to celebrate liturgy and to attend our annual St. Michael's Day Banquet. During Liturgy he blessed four senior alter servers to wear the orarion: Jason Pfieffer, Robert Reilly, Nikolai Kovalak, and Hudson Louie. Axios! During the banquet we honored Michael and Patricia who were celebrating their 50 wedding anniversary this year. Many Years! 

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2018 Clam Bake

2018 Clam Bake - 11/03/2018

Our Annual Fall Clam Bake to benefit St. Vladimir's Church Camp was held on November 3rd following Great Vespers. Over 160 people attneded this event and over $3,000 was raised for camp. Much thanks to the Tesar family for all thier tireless works and efforts in promoting and hosting this benefit for our camp and the youth it serves!!!

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2018 October Pre Teen Club

2018 October Pre Teen Club - 10/12/2018

Pre Teens and Parents gathered to do crafts, play in the gym, eat pizza, and plan the schedule for the coming year

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2018 Movie Night Fundraiser for Kristina Polcen

Movie Night Fundraiser - 10/06/2018

On Saturday, October 6th, the Jr. R Club sponsored a Movie Night Fundraiser to benefit Kristina Polcen - a parishioner who was recently diagonsed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  There were concessions, 50/50 Raffle, Raffle Baskets and the movie SING!  Nearly 100 people attended the fundraiser, with a number of people donating baskets for the raffle!

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2018 55 Plus Club Picnic

2018 55 Plus Club Picnic - 09/18/2018

Picnic at our Shanty

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2018 R Club Steak Roast

2018 R Club Steak Roast - 09/27/2018

Fun, Fellowship, and Steak!

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9th Annual Fr. Prislopsky Memorial Lecture

9th Annual Fr. Prislopsky Memorial Lecture - 09/20/2018

On Thursday, September 20 our faithful gathered to honor the memory of our former pastor, Fr. Vladimir Prislosky who served this parish community for 37years. This, the 9th Annual Fr. Prislopsky Memorial Lecture began with a delicious Halubki dinner and was followed by a wonderful talk by Mother Christophora, Abbess of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Elwood City, PA

Mother's talk was entitled:"Old Time Reigion in a Modern World: The Legacy of fr. Prislopky & Mother Alexandra - Can We Meet Their Challenge?"


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2018 FOCA National Golf Tournament

2018 FOCA National Golf Tournament - 08/17/2018

On Friday & Saturday, August 17 & 18, the Cleveland R Club hosted the 2018 FOCA National Golf Tournament at Ironwood Golf Club in Hinckley.  Despite the weather on Friday, all golfers had a great time and enjoyed two evenings in the Shanty for prizes and food!

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2018 Pet Blessing Service

2018 Pet Blessing Service - 08/17/2018

On Friday, August 17, the eve of the feast of Sts. Larus and Florus, our faithful gathered amidst threatening rain to bless the pets of our parish. This year, only dogs were brought - but they remained quiet and respectful throughout the service. Afterwards, we processed around the church while singing, "O Lord, Save Thy People..." At the conclusion of the service we were met by a gigantic rainbow across the easter sky - much like the one Noah and the animals experienced once the ark settled on solid ground.

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2018 Gaydos family Conversion

2018 Gaydos Family Conversion - 06/24/2018

On Sunday June 24, the Feast Day of the Nativity of St. John, we welcomed into our parish Nicholas and Jessica Gaydos, along with their three chrldren: Joshua, Nicholas, & Juliann. We hope that they will become intrinsically blended into our parish family and that God will show forth his purpose for them via their stewardship to His Church. 

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2018 IOCC Banquet

2018 IOCC Banquet - 06/03/2018

Our parish hosted the annual IOCC Banquet and helped to raise valuable funding for this worthy charity. The IOCC provides help for those suffering from various disasters, and does so globally and without concern for race, creed, of color. 

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2018 Mothers Day Banquet

2018 Mothers Day Banquet - 05/13/2018

ST. Michael's held its annual Mother's Day Banquest on Sunday following liturgy. Thanks to co-chairs Sarah Mindala and Melissa Tesar, the event was a true celebration for all who attended. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal and prizes and gift certificates were given to a number of lucky mothers.  

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2018 National FOCA BB Tournament Championship Games

2018 National FOCA BB Tournament Championship Games - 04/22/2018

On Sunday, April 22nd, following Divine Liturgy and a brunch, we again gathered at the Independance Field House for the championship games of the National FOCA Basketball Tournament.

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2018 National FOCA Basket Ball Tournament in Cleveland

2018 National FOCA Basket Ball Tournament in Cleveland - 04/21/2018

On Saturday April 21, St. Michael's hosted the national FOCA Basketbal Tournament. Teams from all over gathered for a weekend of fun and fellowship.

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2018 Great & Holy Pascha

2018 Great & Holy Pascha - 04/08/2018

Christ is Risen!

We celebrated our "sunrise" Paschal services and made our three-fold procession around the church in cold temperatures with a crest of newly fallen snow. After liturgy we again retreated ourside to the front of the church where we blessed baskets amidst a picturesque backdrop of gently falling snow. Then everyone proceeded to our Event Center for food, libations, and fellowship.

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2018 Palm Sunday

2018 Palm Sunday - 04/01/2018

We had a wonderful turnout for the Feast of our Lotd's Triumphal Entry into the Holy City of Jerusalem. We blessed and distributed pussy willows and honored the three children who made their first confession on Lazarus Saturday.

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2018 Woodside Live Out Of Eden

2018 Woodside Live Out Of Eden - 03/23/2018

Out of Eden, an Eagles Tribute Band, played at Woodside Live!

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2018WoodSideLiveCarlosJones - 03/16/2018

Reggae Nite with Carlos Jones and the P.L.U.S. Band at Woodside Live!

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2018OrthodoxySundayandStGeorgeAwards - 02/25/2018

On Sunday - the Triumph of Orthodoxy - the Sunday School Children held Icons during the Gospel reading. Also, following liturgy, St. George Medals were awarded to Cub Scouts David and Thomas Visocky.


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2018WoodSideLiveParrotsoftheCaribian - 02/23/2018

Parrots of the Caribian - a Jimmy Buffet tribute band - at Woodside Live! 

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2018WoodSideLiveLiverpoolLads - 02/16/2018

The Liverpool Lads - a Beatles Tribute Band - at Woodside Live!

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2018WoodSideLiveSpazmatics - 02/02/2018

The Spazmatics - an 80's cover band - at Woodside Live!



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2018 St Tikhons Choir Trip

2018 St Tikhons Choir Trip - 01/28/2018

St. Tikhon's Seminary Choir, under the leadership of Rd. Benedict Sheehan, visited our parish over the weekend and sang at both, Saturuday's Great Vepser service and Sunday morning's Divine Liturgy. In addition, Archpriest David Fox - Director of Missions for St. Tikhon's - was also in attendance and served. He gae a homily about vocations and tied it in with our responsibility to maintain and support our seminaries. The students also sold bookstore item and the now-famous St. Tikhons blend coffee!

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2018 WoodsideLive Crusin

2018 WoodsideLive Cruisin - 01/26/2018

Cruisin' - a Mo-Town cover band - performed at Woodside Live!


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2018 Chili Cook Off

2018 Chili Cook Off - 01/21/2018

The Senior "R" Club's 5th Annual Chili Cook Off was a grand success. Besides a meal of hot dogs, chili entrees included Traditional, Non-Traditional, and Hot! Parishioners feasted and rated each chili and filled out voting ballots. Winners this year were:

Best Traditional - David Pfeiffer

Best Non-Traditional - Ryun Louie

Best Hot Chili - Katya & Nina Kovalak

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2018 Diamond Project Concert

2018 Diamond Project Concert - 01/19/2018

We kicked off our Woodside Live season with a concert by The Diamond Project: a Neil Diamond tribute band. Approxiamately 350 concert goers enjoyed three hours of live entertainment from the mezmerizing singer and his ten-person ensomble. All of Neil's greatest hits were covered with a special acknowlegement of veterans, the singing of the National Antham, and the band's grand finale: Coming to America. 

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2018 Parish Workers Winter Appreciation Dinner

2018 Parish Workers Winter Appreciation Dinner - 01/11/2018

Parish volunteer workers gatherd to enjoy an appreciaiton dinner and good fellowship 

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2017 55 Plus Christmas Party

2017 55 Plus Christmas Party - 12/28/2017

On December 28 the 55+ Club held their annual Christmas Party at Woodside Event Center. After a brief program, members enjoyed a meal consisting of: our famous signiture salad, breaded pork cutlet, mashed potatoes, gravy, and glazed carrots. Cake was served for dessert. Afterwards, an exchange of gifts game was played - all to the enjoyment of the members.

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2017 Christmas

2017 Christmas - 12/25/2017

Following the Festal Liturgy of our Lord's Nativity, the Senior "R" Club sponsored the annual Christmas Social in the basement of the church. This was a perfect opportunity for all of our faithful to come and share fellowship and rejoice in the Feast. Much thanks to Cheryl Andrews for spearheading this project!

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Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Scout Project - 12/17/2017

After a very detailed and well thought out strategy, Brian Supina came before the Board of Trustees to ask permission to do his Eagle Scout Project to benefit our parish. Seeing a need for better and more well-placed First Aid kits for medical emergencies, he formulated a plan to build and stock First Aid recepticles in our vestibule, church basement, and in our Shanty. In addition, the two existing kits in Woodside's upstairs and downstairs kitchens, he would restock and supply. With a green light from the parish, Brian fabricated the three FirstAid kits and installed them on Sunday, December 17 (as well as stocking the other two kits). This was a wonderful project and much-needed addition for our parish and its property.

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2017 Ted Geletka Retirement

2017 Ted Geletka Retirement - 12/17/2017

On Sunday, December 17, after a wonderful Divine Liturgy, our long-time Choir Master of sixteen years stepped down and retired. In honor of this bitter-sweet event, a special honorary brunch was served at Woodside and various testimonials and gifts were presented to Ted. Aftershich, he took the microphone and gave an overview of his carreer at St. Michaels. In so doing, he moved us to both, laughter and tears as he recounted the years and various events from days passed. Congratulations to Ted and his lovely wife Debbie. We wish them all the best and implore God to grant them Many Years! 

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2017 St Michaels Day Banquet

2017 St Michaels Day Banquet - 11/12/2017

We celebrated our annual St. Michael's Day Banquet and honored David and Marianne Gaydos on thei fiftieth wedding anniversary. Natalie Boyd and Lisa Lyons - "The Sekerak Sisters" - co-chaired this event and, as always, entertained us with a livey show; including the "Not So Newly Wed Game!"



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Junior R Club Harvest Festival

Junior R Club Harvest Festival - 10/29/2017

The Junior "R" Club held their annual Harvest Festival - serving brunch to parishioners after liturgy. The kids cressed up, raffeled off door prizes, and did a really good job.

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2017 Midwest Diocesan Assembly

2017 Diocese of the Midwest - Diocesan Assembly - 10/12/2017

The OCA's Diocese of the Midwest held their annualy Diocesan Assembly at Archangel Michael Orthodox Church.

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2017 October Prosphora Baking

2017 Prosphora Baking - 10/09/2017

Our prosphora bakers were at it again on October 9!  As usual, a pizza lunch followed!

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2017 Ohio District Convention

2017 Ohio District Convention - 10/07/2017

On Saturday, October 7, the FOCA Ohio District Convention was held at our parish.  We were glad to have visitors from the other FOCA Ohio District Chapters in attendance.

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2017 Annual Parish Golf Outing

2017 Annual Parish Golf Outing - 09/24/2017

St. Michael's held its annual Golf Outing at Valleyaire Country Club after liturgy. Despite unseasonal warm weather (it reached 92 degrees!), all who participated enjoyed a fun-filled day of golf and fellowship. Afterwards, a steak dinner was served and prizes were awarded to all who participated.  

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2017-18 Sunday School Year Begins

2017-18 Sunday School Year Begins - 09/17/2017

Shildren, parents, and teachers gathered together for a special prayer service (molieben) to inaugurate our 2017-18 Sunday School program. After the service the children went downstairs to meet their teachers and see their classrooms. They then returned to church for the Divine Liturgy and afterwards, pizza was served to everyone during coffee hour to help mark the occasion.

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2017 Bingo Volunteer Steak Roast

2017 Bingo Volunteer Steak Roast - 09/07/2017

On Thursday, Sept. 7, all of our Bingo Volunteers were treated to our annual Steak Roast as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication to working Bingo.

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2017 Pet Blessing Service

2017 Pet Blessing Service - 08/18/2017

On Friday, August 18, we held a Pet Blessing Service.  About 30 faithful brought their dogs, hamsters, rats (yes, we had a pet rat) and other animals to be blessed.  After the service, we processd around the church with the animals.

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2017 R Club Steak Roast

2017 R Club Steak Roast - 08/15/2017

The Senior R Club held its annual Steak Roast  in the Shanty with over thirty people in attendance. Steaks were cooked to perfection by master chefs John Mindala and Mickey Herzak. Other foods included cheesy potatoes, grilled onions, mushrooms, salads, and ice cream for dessert. The children in attendance enjoyed grilled hot dogs! Various door prizes were awarded and we enjoyed great fellowship and fun!

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2017 55+ Club Picnic

2017 55+ Club Picnic - 08/15/2017

Following the festal divine liturgy for the Dormition, the 55+ Club held their annual picnic in the Shanty. Fried chicken was the main course with corn on the cob, potato and pasta salads and lots of fruit! It was a wonderful time of fellowship and a good time was had by all!

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2017 Fathers Day Picnic and Honoring of Graduates

2017 Fathers Day Picnic and Honoring of Graduates - 06/18/2017

Following Divine Liturgy on Father's Day we honored all of our Sunday school, High school, and college graduates with gifts - and all of our fathers, grandfathers, and godfathers with a carnation to wear on their lapel. Afterwards, down in our Shanty, we held our annual Father's Day Picnic at which all of the men of the parish, as well as those who graduated, recieved a free meal of brats or hotdogs, saur kraut, beans, chips, cake and beer or soft drinks.A fun time was had by all and we certainly enjoyed "warm" fellowship due to the weather!

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2017 Bingo Workers Appreciation Rib Dinner

2017 Bingo Workers Appreciation Rib Dinner - 06/01/2017

On June 1 all of our dedicated and tireless Bingo Workers gathered in our Shanty for a delicious rib dinner. Besides snacks and drinks, each person enjoyed a rack of ribs, cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, and ice cream  for dessert. After which, door prizes were raffeled and a few games of Bingo were played as well. Thanks to all who give of their time to work Bingo!

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St. Michaels Annual Mothers Day Banquet

St Michaels Annual Mothers Day Banquet - 05/14/2017

St. Michael's held its annual Mother's Day Banquet in our resplendant Woodside Event Center following yesterday's Divine Liturgy. Co-chair persons, Debbie Ramsay and Sarah Mindala did a marvelous job of organizing this successful event and delicious meal of our famous signiture salad, glazed pork loin, garlick-smashed potatoes, breen beans, and fancy cheese cake dessert. Door prizes.and gift certificates were also given away to various lucky mothers.

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Bright Friday Basket Ball

Bright Friday Basket Ball - 04/21/2017

On Bright Friday our Junior "R" Club sponsored a "Basket Ball."  All you could eat wings, hamburgers, and hot dogs plus loads of snacks and desserts. While the adults watched the Cleveland Indians on the big screen in the Shanty, the kids played "Bubble Soccer" and other games. A free-throw shooting contest also added to the fun and excitement.


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55 Plus Club Bright Tuesday Meeting

55 Plus Club Bright Tuesday Meeting - 04/18/2017

The 55 Plus Club gathered together today to continue to share the zeal of the Paschal Spirit and to enjoy Christian fellowship and lunch.

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Great and Holy Pascha! Christ is Risen!

Great and Holy Pascha! Christ is Risen! - 04/16/2017

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Xpuctoc Bockpece! Bouctiny Bockprece!

"Come, let us drink not miraculous water drawn forth from a barren stone, but a new vintage from the fount of incorruption springing from the tomb of Christ in Him we are established."

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Holy Saturday 2017

Holy Saturday 2017 - 04/15/2017

"Let all mortal flesh keep silent, and in fear and trembling stand, pondering nothing earthly minded! For the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, comes to be slain::to give Himself as food to the faithful."

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Holy Friday 2017

Holy Friday 2017 - 04/14/2017

"All of nature became confused at the sight of Thee hanging on the Cross: in the heavens the sun his its rays, the earth quaked, the veil of the Temple was torn in two, rocks were split asunder - and even Hell gave up her dead."

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Food Donations for St. Herman's

Food Donations for St. Herman's - 04/10/2017

On Monday, April 10, the St. Herman's FOCUS van came by to pick up the non-perishable food items that were so generously donated by our parishioners during Great Lent.  Once again, our parish showed the love and support for the less fortunate.

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday & First Confession Class - 04/09/2017

On Palm Sunday, we celebrated the Divine Liturgy and honored the children who made their first confession.  In addition, we blessed the pussy willow branches at the end of liturgy.

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Sunday of Orthodoxy

Sunday of Orthodoxy - 03/05/2017

On Sunday, March 5, the youth of our parish held icons during the Gospel, in celebration of Orthodoxy Sunday.

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FOCA Gifts of Love Spaghetti Coffee Hour

FOCA Gifts of Love Spaghetti Coffee Hour - 02/12/2017

On Sunday, February 12, the R Club hosted a Spaghetti Coffee Hour following Divine Liturgy, with ALL free-will donations benefiting the FOCA's Gifts of Love campaign.  During 2017, the FOCA Gifts of Love campaign will raise funds to repair and restore the St. Nicholas Chapel, which is part of the Holy Assumption Russian Orthodox Church complex in Kenai, Alaska. This church is one of the oldest in Alaska – completed in 1896 – and the entire complex (church, chapel, rectory and cemetery) was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970. This church is a major link to western culture for the Kenaitze Indians who comprise a significant portion of the population. Unfortunately, the long-term preservation of the church with its rich collection of icons and historic objects is jeopardized due to lack of funding for conservation work, proper environmental controls and basic repairs.

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Sanctity of Life Sunday

Sanctity of Life Sunday - 01/22/2017

On Sunday, January 22, the youth of our parish held candles during the Holy Gospel to celebrate Sanctity of Life Sunday.

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4th Annual Chili Cook-Off

4th Annual Chili Cook-Off - 01/22/2017

On Sunday, January 22, the R Club hosted the 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off at Woodside!  We had a terrific turnout and 15 chili recipes were submitted into the three categories - Traditional, Non-Traditional & Hot and Spicy.  Congrats to our winners - Emily Gaborick (Traditional), Melissa Tesar (Non-Traditional) and Drew Ramsay (Hot and Spicy).

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Food Collection for St. Herman's FOCUS

Food Collection for St. Herman's FOCUS - 12/19/2016

On Monday, December 19, the St. Herman's FOCUS van came by to pick up the non-perishable food items that were so generously donated by our parishioners over the past few weeks.  Once again, our parish showed the love and support for the less fortunate.

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Samaritan's Christmas Cookies

Samaritan's Christmas Cookies - 12/14/2016

On Wednesday, December 14, the Samaritan's group gathered to package cookies for our parishioners 80+ and our shut-ins.  The cookies were baked by a number of parishioners, and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support of this special holiday project.  We know our shut-ins appreciate your efforts!

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Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night - 12/09/2016

On Friday, December 12 we held a Family Fun Night for our parishioners. The church provided pizza, pop, popcorn, and cookies and had a company come in with gigantic bubbles that the kids and adults could go inside and smash into one another. Of course there were regular games using the bubbles also, like soccer and various relay races. About 70 people showed up to enjoy the food, fun, and festivities... as well as try their luck inside a large plastic bubble!

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7th Annual Fr. Prislopsky Lecture

7th Annual Fr. Prislopsky Lecture - 12/08/2016

We held our 7th Annual Fr. Vladimir Prislopsky Lecture on December 8, which was postponed from September due to the Lower Level Renovation Project. Mr. Seraphim Danckaert, Director of Mission Advancement at St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary, was our guest lecturer and spoke on "Why our young people are leaving the Church."

Seraphim utilized a series of surveys of teens and young adults across the United States and made up of a huge cross-section of denominations and socio-economic backgrounds. The basic findings were that youth are not as interested in religion because adults are not that interested - and that those youth who do stay in the church are those who have:

A). a faith-based home in which religion is practiced and reinforced, and

B). a good interaction with the multigenerational population of the parish (meaning that the old and young work and interact together on projects and that the older generation actively mentors the younger).

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Sunday School Yolka

Sunday School Yolka - 12/04/2016

Following Divine Services, our congregation went down to Woodside Event Center to share a meal and watch the Sunday School children perform in our Annual Christmas Yolka.

The meal consisted of various pastries, French Toast Sticks, Eggs, Potatoes, and crepes. After the meal the children put on skits which recalled the upcoming Nativity Feast, the meaning behind the Twelve Days of Christmas, and the Junior/Senior high class' self-written play about why we come to church.

Everyone did a great job and we ended the day with a visit from Santa who gave gifts to all the Sunday School kids!

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St. Michael's Day Hierarchical Liturgy and Banquet

St. Michael's Day Hierarchical Liturgy and Banquet - 11/13/2016

On sunday, November 13, His Grace, Bishop Paul celebrated a Hierarchical Liturgy at our parish in honor of its Patronal Feast. At the conclusion of the Liturgy, His Grace presented Special Diocesan Awards (Gramota) to Michael Macko and Bob Macko for their many years of serving as greeters of our parish. 

After this presentation, our annual St. Michael's Day Banquet was held at Woodside Event Center where we honored Bill and Pauline Mehalik as a 50th anniversary couple. Much thanks to Natalie Boyd and Lisa Lyon - aka "The Sekerak Sisters" who again co-chaird this event and delighted us with their comedic stylings. A wonderful time was had be all!

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October Prosphora Baking

October Prosphora Baking - 10/17/2016

Our intrepid group of prosphora bakers was at it again on Monday, October 17 as we made dough, shaped, and baked prosphora for services.

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Annual Browns Tailgate Party

Annual Browns Tailgate Party - 10/16/2016

After liturgy on Sunday, October 16, the Senior "R" Club hosted its annual Cleveland Browns Tailgate Party in the Shanty. The price of the ticket got you a fun-filled, all-you-can-eat afternoon watching Cleveland take on the Titons on the Big Screen. Everyone enjoyed wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, chili - as well as a plethora of snacks and desserts. However, and despite Drew Ramsey wearing two, mis-matched right-footed sneakers for good luck, the Browns lost with a score of 26 to 28. Still, it was an exciting game and an obvious good time was had by all!

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Annual Parish Golf Outing

Annual Parish Golf Outing - 09/10/2016

On Saturday, September 10, our parish held its annual gold outing at Hinkley Hills Golf Course. The day was great and the fellowship was phenominal! After a full day of swinging clubs, a steak dinner was held in the course pavilion. Prizes were awarded for various "skins," as well as door prizes for all who played. 

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September Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

September Volunteer Appreciation Dinner - 09/08/2016

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55 Plus Picnic

55 Plus Picnic - 08/16/2016

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Prosphora Baking - August

Prosphora Baking - August - 08/23/2016

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R Club Steak Roast

R Club Steak Roast - 07/19/2016

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Fr John's 20 Anniversary Brunch

Fr John's 20 Anniversary Brunch - 06/26/2016

On Sunday, June 26 the parishioners of St. Michael's honored Fr. John and Matushka Jani and their family upon the 20th anniversary of Fr. John's pastorate at the parish. After the singing of Many Years and a few short speeches, a delicious brunch was served. Michael Herzak spoke about Fr. Prislopski's 37 year tenure and Fr. Gabora's pastorate lasting 25 years - thus showing that our parish is NOT the type to "chew-up and churn-out" its priests. Congratulations for Fr. John and his family on this momentous occasion!


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55 Plus Club June Meeting

55 Plus Club June Meeting - 06/21/2016

The 55+ Club met today for their monthly meeting. After a quick meeting conducted by President Pat Patrick and singing Happy Birthday to longtime member Liz Spiwak, a delicious lunch was served. Members socialized and enjoyed the afternoon together.

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Parishioners gather to watch Game 7 of NBA Finals

Parishioners gather to watch game 7 of NBA finals - 06/19/2016

On the evening of Father's Day, there was an impromtu gathering of parishioners in our Shanty to watch game 7 of the NBA finals and witness the historic come-from-behind-win of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The edge-of-our seat, nail-biting excitement of the came was only escalated by its consistant neck and neck score quarter after quarter. Yet in the end, the Cav's pulled ahead and won by four points! Amidst cheers and celebration, Champaigne was uncorked as those in attendance witnessed the impossible!

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Pentecost, Fathers Day and Honoring Graduates

Pentecost, Fathers Day and Honoring Graduates - 06/19/2016

This year's celbration of Pentecost was something of a "perfoect sotrm." Not only did we clebrate this wondrous Feast of the Church, but we also celebrated Father's Day and honored all those graduating from Sunday School, High School, Colleges, and places of secondary learning. All the men of the parish were given carnations to wear and all ofthe graduates were given gifts from the parish. Following the service, our annual Father's Day Picnic was held in the shanty. Each father and graduate recieved a free kielasi sandwhich with sour kraut, potato salad, beans, chips, and beer or soda. Cakes were also cut and distributed for dessert.

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Camp Clean Up at St. Vladimir's Camp

Camp Clean Up at St. Vladimir's Camp - 06/18/2016

All this week, but especially today, a general camp clean up took place to get St. Vladimir's Church Camp ready for the upcoming camping season. Parishioners from St. Michael's, aided by volunteers from some other parishes, dedicated a long, full day to clean cabins, scrub down floors and mattresses, change lightbulbs, vacuum, dust, scour the kitchen, paint, replace doors, windows, make repairs, etc. With a great lunch and lots, and lots of water, pretty much was accomplished. Thanks to all for volunteering and giving your time and stewardship to the camp!!! 

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Mothers Day

Mothers Day - 05/08/2016

On Mothers Day our parish honored all of our living mothers, godmothers, grandmothers, as well as those who have reposed in the Lord. Mat. Jani and Mat. Catrina each held a troitsa during the gospel reading and Fr. John and Jani held their wedding candles during the singing of "The Angel cried..." in honor of their wedding anniversary. After liturgy, flowers were blessed and distributed to all of the woman of our pairhs. Following this, a wonderful Chicken Paprakosh dinner was held at Woodside. A photot booth was available for fun family pics with mom! Thanks to Paula Gaydos and Debbie Ramsay for co-chairing this event and doing such a fantastic job!

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Holy Week 2016 - Great & Holy Pascha

Great & Holy Pascha - 05/01/2016

Photos captured by John Mindala II during Great & Holy Pascha.

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Holy Week 2016 - Great & Holy Saturday

Great & Holy Saturday - 04/30/2016

Photos captured by John Mindala II during Great & Holy Saturday.

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Holy Week 2016 - Great & Holy Friday

Great & Holy Friday - 04/29/2016

Photos by John Mindala II

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Palm Sunday Baptismal Liturgy

Palm Sunday Baptismal Liturgy - 04/24/2016

During today's Festal Liturgy of the Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem, we baptized Malakai Tesar and honored seven Sunday school students who made their first confession. We also blessed and distributed pussy willows.

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Lazarus Saturday Church Cleaning

Lazarus Saturday Church Cleaning - 04/23/2016

On Lazarus Saturday, the Junior "R" Club, their parents, and other volunteers helped to clean the church before Pascha. They spent most of their time polishing, dusting, hosing down screens, and other general clean-up of the church and its property. In the Afternoon Fr. John met and talked with the second grade Sunday school class prior to making their first confession.

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Lenten Retreat: Marriage as a Path to Holiness

Lenten Retreat: Marriage as a Path to Holiness - 04/16/2016

Dr. David Ford, Professor of Church History at St. Tikhon's Orthodox theological Seminary, visited our parish and gave a wonderfully recieved retreat about married saints in the Church, entitled: "Marriage as a Path to Holiness." Dr. Ford gave two lectures, each delving into married saints through time as well as edifying advice from the Church Fathers regarding the sanctity of marriage and its unique place in the life of the Church and our own salvation.

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Junior R Club Meat Fair

Junior R Club Meat Fair - 02/26/2016

On the Fast-Free Friday before Great Lent, the Junior "R" Club held its first annual Meat Fair. Set up like a carnival with games for both, young and old, participants enjoyed never ending hamburgers, bratwurst, chicken fillet sandwiches, chicken nuggets, french fries, and pizza. A vast assortment of cookies, brownies, and ice cream treats awaited those who could still find room for dessert! Over 150 people participated in the event and it was enjoyed by all.

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2016 Annual Parish Meeting

2016 Annual Parish Meeting - 02/21/2016

Our Annual Parish Meeting took place following Sunday's liturgy. A luncheon was served at Woodside before the meeting. Various reports, business matters, and policies were addressed, andan election of church officers was conducted.

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Pre-Teen Glow in the Dark Party

Pre-Teen Glow in the Dark Party

February's Pre-Teen Club event was a Glow in the Dark Party in the gym. With lighted Baloons, Frizbees, and Basket Balls - not to mention Glow Sticks, Glow Rings, and Glow-in-the-dark slime - the kids and parents had a great evening! One might even say it was a "glowing success!" 

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Annual Chili Cook-off

Annual Chili Cook-off

Our Annual Chili Cook-off was another success this year. The competition was judged in three catagories: Conventional, Unconventional, and Hot. This year's winners were: John Mindala - Conventional; Jim Kormos - Hot; and Mat. Jani Memorich for her unconventional Morrocan Chili - which was also considered best over-all. Besides chili, hot dogs were served as well as an assortment of desserts. A special exhibit of Greg Hanchuk's award winning models and dioramas was also displayed and enjoyed by all.

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Women's Book Club Kicks Off New Year

Women's Book Club Kicks Off New Year - 01/15/2016

Our Women's Book Club kicked off another year by gathering this evening to enjoy fellowship, snacks, and in depth discussion about the books the group reads. This is yet another social outlet for members of our community, but guests are always welcome!

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Volunteer Workers Appreciation Dinner

Volunteer Workers Appreciation Dinner - 01/14/2016

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Nativity Feast and Christmas Social

Nativity Feast and Christmas Social - 12/25/2015

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Christmas Decorations and Food Drive

Christmas Decorations and Food Drive - 12/20/2015

Our church temple was fully adorned and beautifully decorated in readiment for the Feast of our Lord's Nativity. Yet the greatest "decoration" was the amount of food we collected as part of a Food Drive for St. Herman's House of Hospitality. A literal mountain of food was collected for distribution and it took two vehicles to carry everything to St. Herman's House. This charitable work during this holiday season fullfilled what  St. John Chrysostom said, "It is a greater work to feed the hungry than to raise the dead!"

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Samaritan Christmas Cookie Project

Samaritan Christmas Cookie Project - 12/09/2015

After a special prayer service for the ailing and ill-afflicted of our parish, the Samaritans gathered to package up boxes of cookies that parishioners baked, which will then be delivered to the elderly of the parish, especially those in nursing homes or who are shut-ins. This service project is an annual event and well looked forward to by those who are unable to bake during this holiday season.

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Sunday School Yolka

Sunday School Yolka - 12/06/2015

St. Micheal's held its annual Christmas Yolka on the Feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. After a delicious brunch, the children put on four skits, one of which depicted the life of St. Nicholas! Various prizes and raffels were interspersed throughout the event and at the conclusion each child and teacher received a hooded sweatshirt as a gift from the parish.

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Zoe for Life Reteat and Training Seminar

Zoe for Life Reteat and Training Seminar - 12/05/2015

Zoe for Life of Cleveland held its first ever retreat and training seminar with over thirty participants. The day long event was both, beneficial and beatifying to all who attended.

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St Micheals Day Banquet

St Michaels Day Banquet - 11/08/2015

Today, on the Feast of the Holy Archangel Micheal and All of the Bodiless Hosts of Heaven, we gathered together for liturgy and then our Annual St Michaels Day Banquet in our resplendant Woodside Party Center. The "Sekerak Girls" (Natalie Boyd and Lisa Lyon) co-chaired this event, bringing together about 150 parishioners to break bread and enjoy fellowship. We also celebrated Deacon Danial's 6th anniversary of ordination to the Holy Diaconate. A good time was had by all - as the pictures will surely attest!

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2015 R Club Tailgate Party

2015 R Club Tailgate Party - 10/11/2015

The Cleveland R Club held their annual Browns Tailgate Party at the Shanty after church. Over sixty people participated in this event and enjoyed all you can eat wings, hamburgers, hotdogs, beans, potato salad, chili, chips, and snacks. Food, fun, and fellowship abounded and there wereprizes drawn during each quarter.

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FOCA Ohio District Convention

FOCA Ohio District Convention - 10/03/2015

The FOCA Ohio District Convention was held at St. Michael's this past Saturday with about 40 representitives from throughout Northeaster Ohio parishes. Besides routine business, much of our discussion revolved around St. Vladimir's Camp and various upgrades we need to accomplish as the camp continues to grow in number and popularity. We also discussed a number of sports and fellowship proposals for the coming years. All in all this was a very productive meeting and everyone walked away feeling with a positive, uplifted feeling!

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Sunday School Begins with Prayer

Sunday School Begins with Prayer - 09/27/2015

We began our new Sunday School Year off with a prayer service for the beginning of instruction - asking God's blessings upon our program and to open the minds of our students so that they might grow and mature in the Faith.

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6th Annual Fr Prislopsky Dinner Lecture

6th Annual Fr Prislopsky Dinner Lecture - 09/22/2015

Our 6th annual dinner lecture in honor of Protopresbytor Vladimir Prislopsky, long-time pastor of St. Michael's, was kicked off with a quintisential American meal: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and apple pie. Following dinner, Very Rev. Thomas Soroka, pastor of St. Nicholas Church, McKees Rocks, PA, and noted contributer to Ancient Faith Radio, gave a presentation entitled: An Orthodox Christian Perspective on Islam. This lecture was not only topical and relavent to what is happening around us today, but gave a detailed discription as to the history of Islam and how it affected Judhism, Christiantiy, and the governments of the Middle East.

For those of you who could not attend this event - or to those who would like to hear it again - this lecture is being made avialable on Ancient Faith Radio.

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Sunday School Picnic

Sunday School Picnic - 09/20/2015

Our parish held its annual Sunday School Picnic in the Shanty to start off the new academic year. Parents registered their children and then everyone enjoyed a meal of fried chicken, Potato salad, pizza, and an assortment of homebaked cookies from our hall. As always, it was hard to tell whether the kids or the adults were having he most fun!

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Bingo Workers Fillet Mignon Dinner

Bingo Workers Fillet Mignon Dinner - 09/10/2015

Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner a Slam Dunk!

An appreciation dinner was held for all of our faithful Bingo workers. After cocktails and some zakuski (chicken wings, veggies, and eggs rolls), a wonderful Fillet Mignon dinner was served with all of the trimmings: Caprese salad, sea-salted baked potatoes, sauteed onions, mushrooms, vegetable medley - followed by ice cream and cherry pie.

The Bingo workers were thanked for volunteering their time and making the extra effort to help support the Church. If you would like to participate in worker Bingo and enjoy the comaraderie of your fellow parishioners, please see Tim Kormos, our Bingo Chairman.

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R Club Steak Roast

R Club Steak Roast - 09/01/2015

The  "R" Club held its annual Steak Roast on September 1st. Over thirty members attended and enjoyed fellowship, good conversation, and a wonderful dinner. The steaks were grilled to perfection by our grill masters and served with sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, au gratin potatoes, and broccoli salad. A short meeting was held at which we discussed business and honored those who had recently graduated from high school. Everyone also signed cards to be sent to those who were convalescing. All in all it was a fantastic event.

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Annual Parish Golf Tournament

Annual Parish Gold Tournament - 08/15/2015

Golf Outing a Booming Success!

On Saturday, August 15 we held our Annual Parish Golf Tournament at Hinkley Hills Golf Course. Over fifty parishioners participated in this event and everyone had a wonderful time. After eighteen holes, we all gathered at the course's pavilion for a traditional steak dinner. Prizes were awarded for longest drive, longest putt, and closest to the pin - as well as a myriad of consolation prizes for those whose luck wasn't so good. Thanks go to Dennis Schlecki and Drew Ramsay for co-chairing this event - and to Mark and Gabe Ropchock as our grill-masters.

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St. Vladimir's Camp 2015

St. Vladimir's Camp 2015 - 07/15/2015

During the third session of St. Vladimir's Church Camp, His Grace, Bishop Paul of Chicago visited and celebrated during the camp and chapel's patronal feast. Bishop Paul concelebrated liturgy with a number of the deanery clergy and praised the children for their singing and enthusiam. Following the services, we proceeded to go in procession to bless the camp and to hold services at our little Archbishop Job memorial. In addition to serving, His Grace also enjoyed time with the children and interacted with them by playing ping pong, watching their games, and by simply talking with them in a personable manner. He also praised the camp's directors, Dn. Daniel and Mat. Catrina for the phenominal job they have done over the last eight years of running the camp.

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Fathers Day 2015

Fathers Day 2015 - 06/21/2015

On Sunday June 21 we honored all of our fathers, grandfathers, god-fathers, uncles, and pious men of our parish whose righteous life and humble example help to shape the youth of today. In addtion, we also honored our Sunday School graduates, as well as those from High School, College, and Universities. Following services, a picnic was held in the shanty.

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FOCA BB Tournament Liturgy and Championship Games

FOCA BB Tournament Liturgy and Championship Games - 05/17/2015

The joy of this FOCA national Basketball weekend was fully revealed in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy. With visiting guest clergy Archpriest Daniel Ressetar and Fr. Benjamin Tucci (who gave a fabulous homily) and everyone else gathered together to offer our continued Paschal praise unto God, it was truly a wonderul experience. A brunch was held at Woodside Party Center following liturgy and then everyone had to suit-up for the championship matches at the Independence Fieldhouse.

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FOCA BB Tournament: Vespers, Banquet, and Dance

FOCA BB Tournament: Vespers, Banquet, and Dance - 05/16/2015

This evening, following the basketball games, vespers was held at Archangel Michael parish. Afterwards a banquet for all of the tournament participants was held in our gym. During this banquet awards and trophies were distributed to both, teams and individual players. A dance began at the end of the banquet with Bob Spiwak playing traditional ethnic dances on his accordian. Then a DJ took over so the kids could dance to "more modern" music. A good time was had by all!

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FOCA BB Tournament Saturday Games

FOCA BB Tournament Saturday Games - 05/16/2015

Today all of the teams competed in the National FOCA Basketball Tournament. Unfortunately, as in almost any game, there has to be a winner and loser. But as a famous priest once said, "How you play the game reveals something about your character. How you lose, reveals all of it." Today, whether the scoreboard revealed it or not, all of the times who competed were winners because they played their best and did so with Christian fellowship and good sportsmanship!

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FOCA Basketball Tournament / Friday Get-together

FOCA Basketball Tournament / Friday Get-together - 05/15/2015

Today begins the National FOCA Basketball Tournament being hosted by the Columbus "R" Club at St. Michael's in Cleveland. Teams from across the country (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota to name a few) have traveled to Cleveland in order to compete and enjoy Christian fellowship. On Friday everyone enjoyed a wonderful pasta dinner and couldn't wait to get started by getting a few pick-up games going.


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Mothers Day Celebration and Banquet

Mother's Day Celebration and Banquet - 05/10/2015

Today in church we honored all of the mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, and pious women of our parish. All of the women in attendance were given a potted flower to take home. In addition, many attended our annual Mother's Day Banquet at our resplendent Woodside Party Center. We wish all of the women in our lives Many Years!

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Woodside Open House

Woodside Open House - 05/03/2015

Following Sunday services, an Open House was held to show off our newly renovated Woodside Party Center. Everyone was encouraged to come down to see the end result of our remodling and to enjoy a light brunch. The new sleek, contempary style was accomplished after months of renovation and years or planning. With its new lighting, sound system, carpeting, wall coverings, ceiling, chandelers, and funriture, it was hard for many to believe they were in the same building. Of special note is the new artwork that is so prominately found within the foyer, especially the central focal piece by our very own renouned sculpter artest, Lauren Herzak-Bauman!

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Thomas Sunday with Bishop Paul

Thomas Sunday with Bishop Paul - 04/19/2015

Christ is Risen!

Today we were blessed to have His Grace, Bishop Paul, with us to officiate over Divine Services. This was his first Archpastoral visit to our parish, but also something of a "homecoming" since he was elected to be put forward as Bishop of the Diocese of the Midwest within our very temple! During today's Hierarchical Liturgy, His Grace, elevated our beloved Deacon Dennis Lucak to the rank of Protodeacon. We congratulate he and his wife, Matushka Helen, on this wonderful occasion. Many Years!


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Leadership Dinner with Bishop Paul

Leadershi[p Dinner with Bishop Paul - 04/18/2015

Following the celebration of Great Vespers, the clergy, parish council, and other lay leadership of our parish took His Grace, Bishop Paul, to the Shoreby Club on Lake Erie for a dinner to honor his first Archpastoral visit to our parish community. We were able to walk the grounds, enjoy a picturesque sunse, and meet with His Grace in a quiet, informal setting.

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Great & Holy Pascha

Great & Holy Pascha - 04/12/2015

Christ is Risen!  Xpructoc Bockpece!

Enjoy this overview of this year's Paschal celebration!

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Holy Week 2015

Holy Week 2015 - 04/10/2015

Here are some photos from Great & Holy Thursday and Friday

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Palm Sunday 2015

Palm Sunday 2015 - 04/05/2015

Today we celebrated the Triumphal Entry of Christ into the Holy City of Jerusalem with a Festal Liturgy and the blessing of Pussy Willows. In additon, five of our children made their First Confession and were honored. We congratulate them and their families and wish them Many Years!

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55 Plus Club March Meeting

55 Plus Club March Meeting - 03/17/2015

The 55 Plus Club gathered this morning for their montly meeting. After the opening prayer, Fr. John gave a presentation of St. Patrick of Ireland. Following their meeting a luncheon was served - at which the club honored those who were 90 years old!

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March Prosphora Baking

March Prosphora Baking - 03/16/2015

Our faithful bakers gathered this morning for a long session of making prosphora. We worked hard, but enjoyed the stewardship, fellowship, and fun of working together.


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PreTeen make Lenten Pretzels

PreTeens Make Lenten Pretzels - 03/13/2015

On Friday, following the Akathist to the Passion of Christ, our PreTeen Club families met for fun and fellowship. As a project, and a way to teach about Great Lent, we made pretzels - which originated as a type of Lenten snack. Derived from the German word "brezel" meaning "little arms," pretzels do look like two arms crossed over the chest in humility and prayer. Besides the fun of making pretzels, the kids also played together in the gym and had a wonderful time.

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Lenten Clergy Retreat

Lenten Clergy Retreat - 03/02/2015

His Grace, Bishop Paul led area clergy from the greater Cleveland area in a Lenten Retreat about the "Peasce of Christ" within us and the world. This led to a broad discussion which focused around Orthodox unity in America and the strides we taken. A delicious Lenten meal of potato-mushroom soup, veggie wraps, and fruit cups was provided by Verba Catering.


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Triumph of Orthodoxy Vespers

Triumph of Orthodoxy Vespers - 03/01/2015

This evening all of the churches of Greater Cleveland participated in the annual Orthodoxy Sunday Vespers. Holy Trinity Orthodox Church was the host parish for this service and His Grace, Bishop Paul of Chicago and the Diocese of the Midwest was the main clebrant and speaker. Over twenty area clergy either served or attended this event, as well as faithful ffrom all of the area parishes - thus making this event truly a "Pan-Orthodox" event! St. Tikhon's seminary choir sang responses. along with a choir made up of members for various Orthodox parishes.

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St. Tikhon's Seminary Choir Mission Trip

St. Tikhon's Seminary Choir Mission Trip - 03/01/2015

St. Tikhon's Seminary Choir traveled to St. Michael's to sing this weekends services. Archpriest Steven Voytovich, Dean of St. Tikhons, along with Dr. Harry Boosalis accompanied the strudents. Dr. Harry gave a lecture on St. Siloun of Mt. Athos after Saturday evening vespers and Fr. Steven gave the homily at the Divine Liturgy. The seminary choir consisted of Mikel Hill, director; Jonathan Lincoln; Andrew Nelko; Paul Kappanadze; J.J. Kotalik; and Joel Brody. Our parish donated over $12,000 to the seminary in collections, not to mention sizable bookstore sales. With the beautiful singing, lecture, homily, etc, this was a profitable weekend for all involved!

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Russian Maslenitsa Festival on the Sunday of Cheesefare

Russian Maslenitsa Festival on the Sunday of Cheesefare - 02/22/2015

The Russian Orthodox Community of Greater Cleveland held a traditional Maslenitsa or "Butter Festival" to kick off the upcoming Great Lenten Fast. The event was held at the Russian Community Garden on MLK Blvd. in Cleveland and brought together people from all over to sample outdoor cooked blini (pancakes) smothered in sour cream and butter. Tea or "chi" was served directly from old fashioned samavars. There were songs, dancing, feats of strength, and various games for all ages. This was a wonderful way to enjoy a day of feasting on dairy before the start of Great Lent on Clean Monday.

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OCF - 02/16/2015

On Monday evening Fr. John went to Kent State University to give a Lenten Lecture to OCF students from Akron and Kent. Fr. John's presentation compared the prophecy of Malachi (who lived 400 years before Christ) with the "cancer of complacency" which exists in our own time. He reminded the students that Great Lent was not a time of negativity or simply a period to "give up" food items, but an opertunity to make positive changes in ones life. To make themselves right with God by following His will and adhering to the greater commandment to "Love one another as I have loved you." Fr. John concluded by saying that if we all followed this way of thinking, living, and serving God we would be helping to bring the bottom up, which would strengthen the Church in our times.

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Annual Parish Meeting

Annual Parish Meeting - 02/15/2015

Despite a low turnout due to extreme weather conditions, we held our Annual Parish Meeting at our newly renovated Woodside Party Center following Divine Services. A delicious lunch was served followed by the two hour meeting. besides routine business, there was a strong emphesis placed on keeping our youth involed and $10,000 was apportioned for youth mishionary work. We also authorized an additional $100,000 to complete the renovation of Woodside and to redo our parking lot.

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Prison Ministiries Conference

Prison Ministries Conference - 02/14/2015

"I was in prison and you came to me." (Matt. 25:36)

Despite an unexpected morning blizzard, our parish hosted a very successful two-day Prison Ministry Conference (Feb. 13 & 14) with the hopes of planting the seeds for this ministry throughout Northeastern Ohio. Archpriest John Kowalczuk, rector of St. Michael's in Jermyn, PA, Chancellor of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania, and Director of Field Education at St. Tikhon's Seminary spoke of his 27 year ministry as Chaplain at Waymart's Forensic Treatment Center.

Fr. John admitted his initial reluctance at getting involved in such a ministry, but soon realized that the broken, demoralized individual he was ministering to were no different than any of us, for we are all "broken" and imprisoned by our sins - some just worse off than others.

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Prosphora and Pizza

Prosphora and Pizza - 02/09/2015

Our faithful volunteer bakers gathered this morning to make prosphora for church. As always, the last batch of dough is always turned into an assortment of delicious pizzas. Stewardship, fellowship, fun, and food....who could ask for anything more!

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Gifts of Love Spaghetti Dinner

Gifts of Love Spaghetti Dinner - 02/08/2015

This morning following services the Senior "R" Club held a Spaghetti Dinner as part of the FOCA's "Gifts of Love" campaign. All proceeds from this event will be given to St. Vladimir's Camp to be used for its upkeep and during our three week camping season.

In addition to a tasty spaghetti dinner, the Pre-Teen Club held its annual Carnation Sale in anticipation of the upcoming Valentines Day.

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"Thou hast made summer and winter" (Psalm 74:17)

"Thou hast made summer and winter" (Psalm 74:17) - 02/03/2015

Cleveland's most recent "snow-maggeden" has turned our parish's property into a virtual winter wonderland - reminding us that the "King is in His winterhouse" (Jeremiah 36:22). Enjoy the beauty of God's domain!

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2nd Annaul Chili Cook-Off

2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off - 01/25/2015

St. Michael's "R" Club hosted the 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off for our parish. Sharon Glagola coordinated this effort and we had eight entries: four conventional and four spicey. Everyone was given small sampler cups and encouraged to try and rate each numbered entry. Then, votes were cast and counted to determine the winners. Sharon Glagola won for best conventional type chili and Drew Ramsay won for his hot & spicey chili. Of course, in a sense, everyone was a winner for enjoying a great meal and fellowship!

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Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner

Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner - 01/15/2015

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55+ Club Christmas Luncheon

55+ Club Christmas Luncheon - 12/30/2014

Our parish's 55+ Club held their annual Christmas Luncheon at St. Michael's Woodside today. After a short meeting, a delicious meal was served. It consisted of creamy chicken and dumpling soup, our classic signiture salad, city chicken, garlick smashed potatoes, vegitables, and cake for dessert. Fun and fellowship was the order of the day and a good time was had by all.

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McCartney Farewell Brunch

McCartney Farewell Brunch - 12/28/2014

On December 28, Fr. Joseph McCartney served his last liturgy as our parish's Associate Priest. He and his family have accepted a position at Sts. Peter & Paul Orthodos Church in Lorain, Ohio. Although we are saddened to see the McCartney's go, Fr. Joseph's mentorship at Archangel Michael's has ended and it is time he had his own parish. In recognition of this fact, Fr. John presented Fr. Joseph with a staff, symbolizing his new role as shepherd of his own parish flock. A wonderful farewell brunch was held at Woodside Party Center, where Egg McVladimirs, bisquits and gravey, french toast, and fried potatoes were on the menu.


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Nativity 2014

Nativity 2014 - 12/25/2014

Our parish culminated the arduous Advent Fast with the celebration of our Lord's Nativity. A festive liturgy was celebrated with a full church, followed by a Christmas Social sponsored by the "R" Club.

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Holiday Food Drive

Holiday Food Drive - 12/21/2014

Over a three week period, St. michael's "R" Club sponsored a Holiday Food Drive to benefit St. Herman's House of Hospitality here in Cleveland. Parishioners responded with an outpouring of food and clothing to help this wonderful facility run by the Church. Much thank go to Steven and Monica Visocky for spearheading this effort.


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2014 Sunday School Christmas Yolka Program

2014 Sunday School Christmas Yolka Program - 12/21/2014

St, Michael's Sunday School children put on their traditional Christmas Yolka after liturgy. Many people attended this wonderful event in which the children performed songs, skits, and culminated with a visit from Santa.

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Aannual St. Michael's Day Banquet

Annual St. Michael's Day Banquet - 11/09/2014

On Sunday our parishioners enjoyed a wonderful fellowship banquet in honor of our parish's feast day. During the meal we honored three couples of the parish who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary during this calendar year.

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R Club Steak Roast

"R" Club Steak Roast - 11/04/2014

On Election night, St. Michael's "R" Club held its own election of club officers and did so in conjunction with a delicious, old time steak roast. John Mindala was elected as the new president. Here are some photos of this event. 

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Annual Woodside Craft Fair

Annual Woodside Craft Fair - 10/25/2014

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Cleveland Browns Tailgate Party

Cleveland Browns Tailgate Party - 10/19/2014

Cleveland R Club's Annual Browns Tailgate Party at the Shanty.

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St. Michael's Parishioners Serve Lunch at Monastery Feast Day

St. Michael's Parishioners Serve Lunch at Monastery Feast Day - 10/09/2014

Today some of St. Michael's parishioners volunteered to serve lunch at the Skete of St. John the Theologian in Hiram, OH on the occasion of its feast day. Many Orthodox bishops, priests and laity traveled to the skete for the celebrations. Also present was the miraculous Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God.

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St. Michael's Hosts Diocesan Assembly of the Midwest

St. Michael's Hosts Diocesan Assembly of the Midwest - 10/07/2014

Today clergy and lay delegates from all over the Diocese of the Midwest gathered at St. Michael's for the annual Diocesan Assembly. THe Assembly began with the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and was followed immediately by a special session, which nominated Fr. Paul Gassios as candidate for our diocesan bishop.

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Sunday School Fall Outing

Sunday School Fall Outing - 10/05/2014

Today after the Divine Litrugy, a group of our Sunday School students and their parents attended the Sunday School Fall Outing. First the group went to Heavenly Hills Orachard for apple picking, hay rides, corn maze and pumpkin decorating. Aftewards, the students took apples and fresh cider to Monastery Marcha, a women's monastery near the parish. Sister Anastasia gave the group a tour of the church and the candle making room. Then the children were treated to sweets and refreshments.

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5th Annual Fr. Prislopsky Memorial Dinner Lecture

5th Annual Fr. Prislopsky Memorial Dinner Lecture - 09/23/2014

Tonight, St Micheal's hosted its 5th Annual Fr. Prislopsky Memorial Dinner Lecture at Woodside Party Center. The gueast speaker was Mr. John MIndala, a son of St. Michael's and Graphic Designer for the Greek Archdiocese. Mr. Mindala offered a visual presentation with video-clips and photos showcasing  the historic nature of the visit of Pepe Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew to the Holy Land, and his role as the photographer and graphic designer for the trip.

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Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner

Bingo Workers Appreciation Dinner - 09/18/2014

Tonight at the Shanty, Bingo volunters gathers for a steak dinner. After dinner they were also treated to an ice cream bar with all of the fixings. Thank you to all of our hard workers.

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First Day of Sunday School

First Day of Sunday School - 09/14/2014

Today St Michael's Sunday School Program started. Before classes, a moleben was served in church asking God's blessings upon the students, teachers and parents.

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Cemetery Cleanup

Cemetery Cleanup - 09/13/2014

Today a small group of workers gathered at our parish section in Highland Park Cemetery for a much needed cleanup session. Many of the headstones are being covered by grass and the trees were in need of trimming. Thanks to all who showed up.

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Annual Sunday School Picnic

Annual Sunday School Picnic - 09/07/2014

Today St. Michael's SUnday School held it's annual begining-of-the-year Sunday School Picnic and Registration. Students, teachers and their families enjoyed the afternoon on the church grounds and a pizza and sandwich lunch.

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St. Vladimir Camp 50th Anniversary Banquet

St. Vladimir Camp 50th Anniversary Banquet - 08/24/2014

Today at Woodside Party Center was the St. Vladimir Camp 50th Anniversary Banquet. Campers, supporters, directors and counselors from the camp's history came to share memories and celebrate this auspicious occasion.

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Annual Parish Golf Outing

Annual Parish Golf Outing - 08/16/2014

This past weekend parishioners hit the links at the Annual St Michael's Golf Outing. Over 40 parishioners participated in the event and cookout that followed.

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2014 Camping Season

2014 Camping Season - 07/19/2014

Photo gallery from our 2014 camping season at St. Vladimir's Summer Camp.

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Fr John Awarded Jeweled Cross

Fr John Awarded Jeweled Cross - 06/01/2014

This weekend our rector Archpriest John Memorich celebrated his 25th anniversary of ordination to the Holy Priesthood. To mark the occasion His Grace Bishop Alexander, locus tenens of the Diocese of the Midwest, served the Divine Liturgy and awarded Fr John with the Jeweled Cross. After the Liturgy a banquet was belt at Woodside Party Center in honor of Fr John’s service to the Church.

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