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Go Forth and Spread the Word of God


There is an old legend that after Christ’s Ascension, Michael the Archangel asked Jesus what His plan was for spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

Jesus explained that on Pentecost the Holy Spirit would descend upon the Apostles, empowering them to continue that ministry.

Hearing this, the Archangel said, “But Lord, what happens if they go back to being fishermen, or tax collectors, or get distracted with other things? Do you have another plan?”

Jesus replied, “I have no other plan. I am counting on them to do what I have asked.”

This story is a stark reminder of just how crucial and acute our responsibility is in witnessing our Faith. Living by, proclaiming, and perpetuating the Gospel, is not only our sacred duty, but our ministry and purpose. Thus, our calling is no different than that of the Apostles: to go forth and spread the Word of God.