Vespers: Saturdays 5PM

Divine Liturgy: Sundays 9:30AM

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Welcome to Our Parish

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity!”

(Psalm 133:1)

Welcome to Archangel Michael Orthodox Church. We are an active, thriving Eucharistic Community worshiping in the present upon the Apostolic Truths of the past, in the hope of finding our future salvation in God’s Heavenly Kingdom!

The beautiful, above-mentioned verse found in the psalms of King David is prominently displayed atop the entry-way into Holy Archangel Michael Temple. These words adorn this prestigious location because, as a parish, we must be ever mindful that, in order to adequately uphold our Orthodox Christian Faith, we need to first continually practice what Christ Himself preached to us: that we should “love one another as God loves us.” Therefore, we must constantly strive to live, worship, and seek our salvation together as a loving parish family within the context of community and unity – remembering all the while that we are part of the much greater family of God. The old adage, therefore, rings very true, “When we are saved, we are saved in a community; when we fall away, we perish alone.”

Like any family household, a successful Church must also promote and practice such high ideals as selfless love, extreme kindness, and tender mercy, all the while showing compassion and mutual respect towards each and every one of its congregation members. Such a Church must bear witness to the Holy Gospel by adhering to a far greater love in all things and by offering meaningful forgiveness and active self-sacrifice in the Name of Christ.

Our parish, indeed, strives to live by these same high ideals and manifests these deep expressions of God’s love through our spiritual life, corporal worship services, our extension of Christian hospitality, and by our commitment and generosity to charitable efforts and causes. This same Christ-like love may also be witnessed in how well we share in one another’s sorrows, burdens, or pain; and by how well we rejoice and celebrate each other’s joys, blessings, and good fortune!

Archangel Michael Church has much to offer with regards to both the spiritual and social aspects of Christian living. There are Bible Study courses, Adult Education Classes, a wonderful Sunday School program for children ages four through eighteen, and an active, dedicated Church Choir. We also have numerous parish organizations and various clubs – age appropriate for every member of our parish community – which help to minister, foster, and promote that sense of “belonging” so vital to our human and spiritual development. These groups meet together regularly to promote Christian fellowship, provide stewardship to the Church, and even serve as social outlets for sports, travel, and companionship.

Please take some time to look over this website so that you can see for yourself all that this parish has to offer. We thank you for your interest in our parish and we look forward to worshipping with you on a regular basis!

With joyous and sincere love in Christ,


Very Rev. Fr. John Memorich