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Divine Liturgy: Sundays 9:30AM

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What is Orthodoxy?

Orthodox Christianity is considered as one of the most ancient and important branches of the Christian religion. It first originated in the Eastern Roman Empire and, since then, has been characterized by its emphasis on tradition, particularly as it relates to dogma and worship. The Orthodox Christians believe in the Church as the body of Christ, and the Holy Spirit resides within it. Moreover, they have strong faith in the Bible as the word of God which is both inspired and informative. Salvation, according to them, is attained through faith and good deeds, with a special focus on grace. The liturgy of the Orthodox Church is pre-eminent, as it centers on the Eucharist, and is led by bishops and patriarchs. The beautiful art and cultural traditions associated with Orthodox Christianity hold a significant influence over religious and secular life, especially in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.