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In this day and age, we live in a disposable society and that which is broken is despised and discarded. Items we no longer want, or need are simply thrown away. Goods that are damaged are rejected, and this includes people. When relationships break down, the tendency is to simply walk away and find someone new rather than work at reconciliation. Thus, our world is full of people with broken hearts, broken spirits, broken dreams, and broken, fractured relationships.
Yet, despite all this brokenness there is hope; hope in the form of Christ Who himself was “broken” on the Cross for us and for our salvation: He was broken to make us whole. Thus, His immeasurable love offers us not only hope, but comfort, healing, and repair of our broken nature.
King David wrote, “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18). This reminds us that God’s desire for us is to be repaired. And although our Lord can accomplish this task on His Own, He also desires us to be part of the process. That is why we have these Lenten Seasons, for us to help in the process of being made whole.
Therefore, during Lent we break those things which need breaking, such as pride, self-will, stubbornness, rebelliousness, and sinful addictions, and try to mend our relationship with God through intensified worship, prayer, fasting, spiritual reading and meditation.
To us, broken things are despised as worthless, but God can take what has been broken and remake it into something better, something that He can use for His glory. Broken things and broken people are the result of sin. Yet God sent his Son, who was without sin, to be broken so that we might be healed and repaired.